About me...

"If you want to do something easy, be a surgeon. If you want to do something difficult, try being a freelance writer," someone supposedly said once. (Or if no one really said it, someone should have.)

Yes, freelancing is hard work but it's also fascinating and often just plain fun. After a few years in print advertising sales/copywriting and a graduate school tour de force, I knew that I wouldn't be professionally satisfied with anything less than something very challenging. What could be more challenging than coming up with my own story ideas, pitching them to editors and seeing what happens? I became a full-time (read: self employed) freelance journalist in the summer of 1999, back when business stories were less about company sales and all about "synergy" and "eyeballs." Ah, those were the days.

I'm a monthly workplace columnist and contributing features editor for Entrepreneur, a national business magazine. My current column, Best Practices, covers trends around operational issues and senior management. I also contribute occasionally to The Costco Connection, Costco's monthly membership magazine.

My work has appeared in Oregon Business, Quick Service Restaurants Magazine, CRN.com, Office.com, Woodshop News, Woodworker's Journal, Pinehurst Magazine, Business Leader Magazine, The Independent Weekly (Durham, NC), Washingtonpost.com, Thestreet.com and USNewsandworldreport.com.

My educational background includes a bachelors degree from Willamette University and a master's of science degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon. In my spare time I like to go on wine tours, run marathons, and travel to exotic destinations. Just kidding. I have two young daughters under age 4. For now, an exotic destination for me is trekking to the local hair salon. However, I do enjoy running, yoga and gardening in my very spare time.

My husband, Tom, is a postdoctoral fellow in the Cell and Molecular Physiology Department at the Medical School of UNC-Chapel Hill, where he is researching the genetic causes of schizophrenia, the mental illness at the center of the movie A Beautiful Mind. I'm biased of course, but I think he's simply brilliant.

Thanks for checking out my Web site. Please visit again. I'll try to update it regularly. -- Chris

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